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Claudette Milner

Praise 104.7


       Ms. Milner is the author of the fictional "Children of Plains Estates" series which explores the joys and the problems of everyday life from the viewpoint of children. Four books in this series have been published to date.
     In addition, Ms. Milner has written and published "The Rejuvenation of the Church: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth".  This comprehensive book contains a guide and a Workbook, and is often used as a basis for workshops given around the country.
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     Ms. Milner is a child of the King whose heart lies in working with youth.  She exhibits both of these aspects of her personality when she speaks to groups of youth as well as their parents on principles and strategies they can use to embrace God and enhance their Christian walk as they go through daily struggles.
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      Ms. Milner is available to conduct workshops on the needs of our youth and the Church's role / involvement in the same.  Sessions are frequently  based on her book, "The Rejuvenation of the Church: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth"  and can be structured for youth and/or parents or adults in general.
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     "A Matter of Interpretation" is a talk show which tackles head-on many of the issues and problems each of us faces in our daily lives.  Through insightful information and personal testimonies of the guests, Ms. Milner hopes to  help the community handle these challenges from a standpoint of faith.  
     This show will also include a Community Challenge question each month.  Listeners are encouraged to respond.  One or more of those respondents will be chosen to be a guest on an upcoming show regarding the question of the month.
      "A Matter of Interpretation"  airs locally on Sunday afternoons from 5:00 to  5:30 pm on WLLV Love Radio, 1240 AM. beginning January 8, 2017. 

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