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September 7, 2019

Host: Claudette Milner
Guest: Shameka Parish Wright

Topic: Candidate School Board District 4

Shameka Parrish-Wright is a dedicated community organizer, educator and activist. She flourishes in environments where social justice is on the menu. She has a passion for educating, engaging, and informing youth in the community and strives in coalition work and community development that is intersectional, intercultural, and intergenerational. She has a passion for community outreach and data collection that informs better policies. This passion is the driving force that motivates her to help her community. Ms. Parrish-Wright is a natural born leader and has an innate gift of being a bridge builder uniting people together from all walks of life. Most importantly, she is a strong advocate for public education.

Ms. Parrish-Wright made Kentucky her home for almost twenty years. She began her academic career at the University of Cincinnati in Social Work and continued her education at the University of Louisville where she studied Psychology with a concentration in Social Sciences. Currently, she serves as the Louisville Site Manager for the “Bail Project” where she supervises and manages a growing staff for the National Organization. The Bail Project is a non-profit organization designed to disrupt mass incarceration that also provides community outreach, training, and needs-based assessments. She is passionate about fighting daily to end the cash bail system and serves as a national motivational speaker for the Bail Project. As the Site Manager for the Bail Project, she is forced to make very difficult life changing decisions under strict time constraints and her ability to think under pressure is a necessary quality that she holds.

After receiving her education, she was appointed by the Mayor of Louisville as the Louisville Human Relations Commissioner and she served the community in that position from 2008 until 2012. In 2008, Ms. Parrish-Wright was chosen as an Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research Policy Council Member and served as a member of the Hispanic Latino Coalition for four years.

She maximizes her outreach using her thorough knowledge of effective tools including, but not limited to, social networking outlets, technology, media, and paper marketing sources. Prior to her work with the Bail Project, Ms. Parrish-Wright worked at the University of Louisville in the Arts and Sciences Department as a Community Outreach Coordinator. Her work there included increasing participation from families and youths of color and diverse backgrounds. She also worked at Kentucky Jobs for Justice as a Steering Committee member and Electoral Organizer.

For three years, Ms. Parrish-Wright served as both a Community Organizer and Recruiter for the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist & Political Oppression. While serving in this role, she initiated a summer youth program to engage and inform the youth in the community about activism and how to use art as a tool to change policies, make their voices heard, and fight for social justice. This program involved local activists, artists, as well as educational trips. She invested her time in these youth and focused on being a positive force in their lives that would impact them for years to come.

Ms. Parrish-Wright plays an active role in the life of her children and believes fiercely in public education. Three of her children graduated from the Jefferson County Public School (“JCPS”) system and her other three children are currently students within JCPS where she currently volunteers. Previously, she served on the Parent Teacher Association (“PTA”) Board. She also addressed the School Board on several occasions to advocate for teachers, students, and school safety. Ms. Parrish-Wright seeks to play a role in the direction of JCPS. She understands that professional development is important and will always look for ways to ensure all children benefit from high quality instruction. She believes that positive turn-arounds are on the horizon if the learning is constant, interchangeable, and applied immediately.

Ms. Parrish-Wright lives in Louisville with her husband and children and continues to fulfill her passion of service in her community.

September 14, 2019 

Host: Sydney Tucker

Guest: R.K. Lemmons-Weber

Topic: Writing for Teens to Express Their Thoughts

R.K. Lemmons- Weber is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She transferred residency to Louisville, Kentucky at a young age, whereupon she grew up in the heart of Louisville: Highlands/Bardstown Road region. She attended secondary school at Sacred Heart Academy. She graduated from Spalding University with a double bachelors in Communications and Psychology. She attended three graduate schools in pursuit of her degrees in the areas of: Social Work, MFT Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy), and MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in writing and teaching; but, decided to abandon formal studies in exchange for experiencing life as an Indie Author and comedian. As an Indie Author, comedian, poetess, and playwright she has been featured in the LEO Magazine (July 2016 issue); and performed poetry readings at various local open mic events such as Louisville Literary Arts and M.C. at 1619 Flux. Her play, Afro Maniac, was selected by Smoked Apple Theater Group (SATG) for the SATG 2016 6’10 annual play fest. Competitor in the No Balls of Meat 2017 Comedy Competition. She is a member of Professional Woman Network (PWN) and is certified as a Marketing, Image, and Branding Coach., alongside of being a Life and Postpartum Coach. She has over 14 books that she has written. She is also a co-author; and has co-authored two books with PWN (PWN 2017 Devotional Calendar and Raising African-American Boys and Girls), as well as co-authored several books with her husband, D. A. Weber, Sr.. R. K. Lemmons-Weber currently resides in Louisville, KY with her husband, nine children, and mother. She enjoys spending time with her family. She is a homeschooling instructor of Weberville Academy. During her spare time she relishes in drawing/collaging, exercising, dancing, listening to music, crocheting, writing, and reading.

September 21. 2019

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest: Jeff Gill - Founder Hip Hop Cares

Topic: Caring for the Homeless

Jeff Gill- Community Activist of the Year

Hip Hop Cares has a weekly outreach to feed the Homeless

September 28, 2019

Claudette Milner

Guest: TBA