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January 4, 2020

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest: Larry George

Topic: Restoration Voting Rights

January 11, 2020
Host: Claudette Milner
Guest: Mary Ellen Dansuer 
Topic: Author of "Freedom to Choose: Is Skin Color really an Issue?"


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Mary Ellen Danuser served her country for 12 years in the U.S. Army Reserves as a medical specialist and an army recruiter. She is a retired insurance professional and a semi-retiree working as an independent Financial Representative at Primerica by helping families with their financial plans.  She is married to a wonderful man name John (Dakota) who is a retired Marine officer and commercial pilot. She and her husband enjoy traveling, car races, dining out, outdoor concerts, reading, walking, sightseeing, and just hanging out with each other. Mary Ellen was born in Springfield, Illinois and grew up in Vandalia, Missouri.  She attended various colleges majoring in Management. 

She is a proud grandmother of two grandchildren, Cierra & Dominique, and mother of one daughter, Marko Christene.  Mary Ellen is a member of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, Denver, Co, Pastor & Reverend Doctor Jules E. Smith.  She is a member of the Senior Mission. She is a member of the American Legion Post 1995.

Mary Ellen is currently working on publishing a second book unrelated to her current book.  Right now, she has not decided on a title.

Excerpts from Mary Ellen Danuser regarding her book:

I address issues on interracial relationships in my new book.  'Freedom to Choose' sheds light as to why some people choose to date, marry outside their race.

I BELIEVE that issues on interracial relationships are not fairly understood in today's society.  This is partly attributed to the lack of public awareness on the subject, which in turn is the result of scarcely documented literature deeply addressing the case from the rare personal viewpoint.  With this in mind, I have put together "Freedom to Choose - Is Skin Color Really an Issue?” a wonderful compilation of true stories from interracially married couples all over the US, including our story. 

"My book is about the different experiences that interracial/intercultural relationships encounter and why individuals choose to date/marry outside their race.”  The HIGHLIGHT of "Freedom to Choose" is about the need for people to be educated on the subject. Indeed, these stories deserve to be heard and understood."

The book mainly tells the story of me and my spouse, interpolated with the narratives of the couples I have interviewed across the states.  It offers a rare look into the lives of all mentioned couples, revealing insights as to the rationales why some people choose their mates outside their race - a portrait of motive, intent, and personal choice.  The real names of the pairs are withheld but the experiences shared are authentic and real.

January 18, 2020

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest: Barbara Y. Tuggle



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