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Saturday November 7, 2020

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest: Ty Norris: Author, Radio Host

Topic:The Business of Overcoming   

Ty Norris

Author of The Business of Overcoming: Access the Necessary Tools to Overcome Any Obstacle in Life

What is blocking you from living your best life? What will it take to really overcome and be truly successful? Equipping yourself with the correct knowledge and resources is essential for success in any area of your life. This manual provides principles for overcoming any obstacle in life. As you read, prepare to focus your attention on fulfilling your destiny and complete the “The Business of Overcoming.

The tables will be turned as my special guest host takes the interview seat while I ask the questions.

Saturday November 14, 2020

Teen Host:

Guest Sydney Tucker

Topic: Portrayal of African Americans in the Media

Angela Irvin is a therapist and clinical psychology doctoral candidate skilled in working with general and forensic adult populations. Her clinical training and research interests have focused on minoritized populations, including women, veterans, and justice-involved males. Her current research focuses on Black women and the media.

Angela earned a bachelor’s degree in health services from Florida Atlantic University, which prepared her for a career in health administration. However, her interests evolved from administration to counseling, prompting her to transition to clinical work by earning an M.A. in clinical psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center/Behavioral Health Center in Columbus, OH. Angela primarily practices schema-based therapy but also has extensive training in trauma, interpersonal, and cognitive-based therapies.

Angela is also a United States Air Force veteran who has lived and traveled in Asia. Aside from psychology, she continues to indulge her interests in philosophy, culture, world religions, and travel. She also enjoys hiking and nature photography. Angela’s diverse experiences help her form genuine connections with diverse groups of people and allow her to incorporate creative insights as she works to help others heal and grow.

Saturday November 21

Host:Claudette Milner

Topic: Kristy Love Foundation Update

Guest: President and Founder of the Kristy Love Foundation - Angela Renfro

Angela is the Founder of the Kristy Love Foundation Inc. Her selflessness and leadership has enhanced the quality of life for so many girls and women. The Kristy Love Foundation is a SURVIVOR-led, trauma informed program that provides comprehensive services for girls and women suffering from addiction, prostitution and human trafficking. We strive to "provide services with a listening ear to a silent heart" so that all “SURVIVORS” may heal in a safe place, become confident, financially self-sufficient and develop healthy relationships with their families and in their communities, All of our work is informed by our founder and executive director, Angela Renfro, who lived through sexual abuse, prostitution, addiction and human trafficking from the age of 3 to age 29. When she escaped, she rebuilt her life and gave her breath, sweat, and tears for her freedom from modern day slavery.

Angela took a heartfelt inspiration and watched it blossom into a global aspiration to stop human trafficking. Angela is currently living in Louisville Kentucky with her family. Angela is a member of Survivor Counsel for Kentucky General Attorney Andy Beshear, Coalition for the Homeless and Coalition Supporting Young Adults and member of Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. 

She will be featured as one of the Faces of Compassion for “Festival of Faith” DALAI LAMI at the Yum Center. Angela is not only, a “SURVIVOR” but she is currently a student at Jefferson Technical Community College. She will continue her studies as a transfer student at the University of Louisville for her Bachelor of Arts degree at Kent School for Social Work.

Our goal is that every survivor becomes a productive member of society. Our number one priority is the safety of a survivor. It is the most important secret garden to the Kristy Love Foundation.




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