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     "A Matter of Interpretation" is the former talk show which aired on 1240 WLOU in Louisville KY, in Detroit MI on WIGNTV and 104.7 FM in Louisville KY. which tackled head-on many of the issues and problems each of us faces in our daily lives. Through insightful information and personal testimonies of the guests, Ms. Milner  helped the community handle these challenges from a standpoint of faith.  

      "A Matter of Interpretation" aired its final broadcast on December 2020 after five years.

After leaving 104.7 Ms. Milner and her team continued filming documentaries that affect the community. These documentaries can be viewed under Americans in Crisis. She just released her series Being Gay in America July 2022 on Facebook. Her Career has expanded to song writing. Songs can be heard on her Facebook or LinkedIn page. If you want to meet Claudette Milner visit her tab entitled Promotional Tour or use the contact page.  

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