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Claudette Milner is the author of the Children of Plains Estates series. It includes Children Of Plains Estates V1,  Unheard Voices V2, Silent Tears V3, Hidden Truths V4 , The Final Chapter V5 , A  New Beginning V6 and Battle Hate On All Fronts V7.

Her earlier series Forgiven of Our Transgressions includes 62 editions and can be reviewed under the Forgiven of Our Transgressions Tab.

Her additional works include workbooks, Meeting the Needs of Our Children and Are You Walking in the Spirit or Walking in the Flesh

Novelettes include It Started With a Dime: Malachi 3:10, Mary: Jerimiah 1:5, Journey to the Cross John 3:16  and her first poetry book and MP3 We Give You Praise.

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      Ms. Milner is a child of the King whose heart lies in working with youth. She exhibits both of these aspects of her personality when she speaks to groups of youth as well as their parents on principles and strategies they can use to embrace God and enhance their Christian walk as they go through daily struggles.

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    Ms. Milner is available to conduct workshops on the needs of our youth and the Church's role and involvement in the same. Sessions are frequently based on her book, "The Rejuvenation of the Church: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth" and can be structured for youth and/or parents or adults in general.

    For popular workshop topics and information, please go to the WORKSHOP tab.

    To schedule an event, please go to the CONTACT tab.

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